the truth about online eyeglasses

Some dispensing practices  report that some patients are asking for copies of their prescriptions, PD measurements, seg heights and even the names and sizes of frames they like.  The intent is obvious; the patient intends to purchase his or her new eyeglasses online.  The patient’s obvious hope is to save money.  Well, they can but at what cost in service?

A recent article in EyeCare Professional magazine looks at the online process and evaluates what the customer gets…and doesn’t get from the online vendor.

This growing interest in purchasing eyewear online presents some unique challenges for ADG&A’s dispensary clients, such as:

  • Will you release PD measurements?   If so, will you charge for the service?
  • Will you take and release seg height measurements?  If so, will you charge for the service?
  • Will you adjust and repair eyewear that you did not sell?  If so, will you charge for the service?
  • If the patient returns with the eyeglasses and asks to have the prescription verified, will you do it?
  • What will you do if the eyeglasses match the prescription yet the patient complains that they still don’t see clearly?

There is little doubt that those patients who are motivated solely by price will be find online eyeglasses attractive.  For the remainder of patients , the perceived value of the eyeglasses has a lot to do with the service they receive from the optician.  As an ADG&A client, I think this is what you should be thinking about.  The most important question you can answer then is, what will I do to deliver so much value to my dispensary patients that they would never dream of purchasing their eyeglasses online?

To read the full article on the EyeCare Professional website, click here.

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