Patients prefer evening/weekend hours

A recent survey conducted by EyeMed Vision Care indicates that 40% of consumers prefer to access vision care services on evenings and weekends.  In the survey 25% said they prefer Saturdays at locations with all-day hours.  12% said they prefer weekday evenings after 5PM and 4% said they prefer Sundays.

To me the study suggests that practices that do not offer evening and Saturday hours for routine care are uncompetititve; they have a competitive disadvantage.  These practices without extended hours are not attractive to large numbers of prospective customers.  Those prospective customers today are choosing to obtain service elsewhere.  I ask you to consider this in a different light; if the hours of an ophthalmology practice were unattractive to 40% of potential cataract patients would the practice change its hours?  If you answered ‘yes’ then you’ve already answered your own question about if you should open for routine care on evenings and Saturdays.

ADG&A has long recommended that its clients follow the lead of the most successful optical companies in the U.S. and provide patients with extended hours that include evenings and Saturdays.  By not extending hours practices become unattractive to prospective patients and business growth suffers.  In light of optometry’s continue insistence on doing surgery, attracting larger numbers of routine patients seems like a very reasonable strategic move.  Extending hours is one way to begin making this shift. 

Source: Eye Care Professional Magazine

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  1. March 9, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    This remarkable thought is necessary just by the way

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