New CDC Report Shows Almost All Contact Lens Wearers May Be Engaging in Risky Behavior

According to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost all of the 41 million estimated contact lens wearers in the U.S. may be engaging in at least one risky behavior that could increase their chances of eye infections.

Additionally, nearly one-third of contact lens wearers who participated in a national survey reported going to the doctor for painful or red eyes related to contact lens use and 99 percent of survey respondents reported engaging in one risky behavior.

Of these participants:

  • 82.3 percent reported keeping their contact lens cases for longer than recommended
  • 55.1 percent reported “topping off” solution in the case—adding new solution to the existing solution
  • 50.2 percent reported wearing their lenses while sleeping.

In previous studies, each of these behaviors has been known to increase the risk of eye infections by five times or more.

From Aug. 24 to Aug. 28, the CDC will host the second annual Contact Lens Health Week. To raise awareness about healthy contact lens care, the CDC is promoting its campaign, developed in collaboration with doctors, public health, eyecare industry and regulatory partners. A number of CDC resources for the observance week are available, including:
Social media messages to be posted on twitter and Facebook throughout the week.
Buttons and banners for websites.
• A promotional toolkit for partners.
• FREE printed posters and tear-off pads for eyecare providers.

To prevent eye infections, contact lens wearers should follow these tips:

• Wash hands with soap and water and dry them well before touching contact lenses.
• Take contacts out before sleeping, showering or swimming.
• Rub and rinse contacts in disinfecting solution each time they remove them.
• Rub and rinse the case with contact lens solution, dry with a clean tissue and store it upside down with the caps off after each use.
• Replace contact lens cases at least once every three months.
• Avoid “topping off” solution in lens case (adding fresh solution to old solution).
• Carry a backup pair of glasses in case contact lenses have to be taken out.

For more information on preventing eye infections and proper contact lens wear, click here.

Source: Vision Monday and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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